Solid Fuels


Traditional COAL and SMOKELESS FUELS supplied. Available for collection ex yard at Grateley or for DELIVERY. All in prepacked 25kg bags.  (please be aware some other suppliers sell 20kg bags!)

WE carry a selection of 13 different SOLID FUELS, including supplies for Rayburns, Agas, Multifuel stoves and Beans and Grains for gravity fed Boilers. And of course COAL, VERDO LOGS, WOOD LOGS, for open fires, and KINDLING and FIRELIGHTERS .

Familiar brands and names held in stock include the following:

Phurnacite, Homefire, Brazier, Homefire Ovals, Taybrite, Wildfire, Stoveheat and Large and Small Anthracite Nuts, Beans and Grains. We offer two sizes of Coal, (Doubles and Trebles).

All are available for Collection  in 25kg bags or Delivery at KEEN COMPETITIVE PRICES.

for example; 25kg SMALL COAL is £9.90 collected or 25kg  smokeless BRAZIER is £12.20 collected and HOMEFIRE is £14.80.and a bag of logs, sourced locally, by a nice man with a landrover, is £5.50!

Prices held to August 2015.

 Check out garage  forecourt price for 10kg bag! and check out their "big or large" bag is only 20kg! and the same can be said for the "SHEDS" and Mole Valley and the garden centres.

Please phone us for current price for delivery. Or come and see us 9-5 weekdays, and 9-11 Saturday. (closed Sundays). the Location map shows where we are 6 miles West of Andover and 12 miles East of Salisbury at Grateley.

We look forward to discussing your requirements. We do like to talk with our customers so ring to order or enquire ,or turn up and cash or card and carry. See you soon!

update dec 2014

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