Top Soils

At  ANDOVER TURF we offer 4 types of topsoil.

The first is a basic "AS DUG" topsoil, which has not been screened or processed  or sieved in any way and is ideal for making up sub levels, filling old unwanted ponds and hollows. It may have bits of turf in it and stones, and roots. but it is natural. It is cheaper than either of the processed soils detailed in the next paragraphs. It costs £17.00 per ton plus VAT ex yard. Delivery is extra priced on distance from Grateley. Please phone for up to 3 tons at a time which is all our handy little lorry can legally carry.

We offer a SCREENED to 10mm sand based topsoil which comes from a recycling plant near Farnham. I carry a stockpile of about 50 tons. It is ideal for more than 4" deep for seeding or turf laying. As it is stored outside it is subject to prevailing weather and can get very wet in a rainy spell. It costs £43.00 per ton plus VAT ex yard, and delivery, up to 3 tons at a time, is extra as above,

The third soil is ECOSOIL produced in Bournemouth by ECO SOLUTIONS, and is a sandbased processed soil with about 30% shredded compost incorporated, all sieved to 10mm.. It is ideal for raking out as a final surface for turfing or seeding, but should not be used more than a couple of inches thick under lawns as the compost element over time may bio-degrade and lead to sinking of the lawn. It is also ideal for raised beds and veg patches because of its waterholding capacity, nutrient value and workability. This soil is usually workable all year round, and the compost element keeps it friable. It has not been sterilised.  The AndoverTurf veg patch in the yard thrives with it!  It costs £43.00 plus vat ex yard and we carry a stockpile. of about 40tons. Delivery is extra as detailed above.

I also usually have or can quickly get dumpy bags of lawn TOPDRESSING. Each bag holds 0.8 m2 or about 1 ton. I don't usually have many in stock, but a few days notice should be enough to ensure supplies. They cost £100 plus vat each ex yard, and delivery is extra  as detailed above. To deliver this one we split the bag here and deliver loose. If you wish we can deliver in the bag, but as we don't have a crane it may land anywhere other than right way up. We have tried tying the bag to a convenient tree and driving smartly forward with , what is best described as , mixed results!

It is worthwhile coming over to have a look at the soils, (and the turf and the coal while you're here) because seeing is worth 1000 words. You can try whatever gardening or farming inspection method you like!  Please phone to discuss your project if you cannot come over. We deliver Monday to Friday at a few days notice, and all the soils are loose loaded with a jcb and tipped out of the rear of out 7.5ton small lorries. They need 8 feet width to get into drives, and clear height to tip, and right angle corners off narrow lanes can be a challenge. As a general rule we won't go off road through fields and paddocks.

We can load you pickup with soils in stock but please contact us before travelling so we can be sure there is someone here to operate the jcb loader. We cannot load vans with the digger, but I'm sure we can lend you a shovel!

If you are looking for large quantities the we can arrange a 8 or 16 or 20 or 28 ton loads, and this will be individually priced depending on quantity, soil type chosen and destination. Large lorries need lots of space, to turn and to tip. A good reason to phone and talk about it!

update 18.2.2015

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