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Turf Supply

In 2015 we have available three principal turfs.

The ANDOVER TURF is the one we grow ourselves locally to Grateley. The soil is prepared and  the turf grown by us over a two year period, using a top quality LAWN mix from the start. We sell this turf to private individuals, Local Councils, builders and gardeners for all sorts of landscape and garden projects. This year, 2016, price is £3.00 per m2  incl VAT with free delivery over 30m2 to most areas. Because of the complexity of distance and quantity I show this price as an indication only. Please email or phone in for an exact quote for your quantity and to your destination. Each roll covers .55m2 or 6 sq.ft. so that 9 rolls cover 5m2.  These rolls are easy to handle for the less able. Small amounts can be collected ex Grateley, but the pricing structure is slightly different.

The CLASSIC turf is grown by INTURF , (see inturf.com), in the midlands on a pure sandy soil, sown with a LAWN mix very similar to our own. It is more agressively managed and fertilised to a top standard. We regard it as more hard-wearing and shade tolerant. It certainly is very pleasing to the eye when first delivered and will make a superb visual impact. This year, 2016, price is £4.00 per m2 , and please phone for a quote for your quantity to your location. Each roll covers 1m2, 10.75 sq ft

In addition , INTURF also grow turf for GOLF and BOWLING GREENS. These are not really for the average garden because of  the intensive maintenance required. There is also a turf with the glamorous name ;RTT, which stands for Really Tough Turf and is drought resistant but is a coarse turf in appearance and not loved by everyone. The cost is £4.25 per 1msq.

I have not included a turf calculator on this page because some of the singing dancing fandango websites seem to cause confusion in the minds of non-mathmatical customers. Let us do the sums with you if you are not sure how to do it!  Take some measurements to divide your plot into squares and rectangles, measure across circles, and with triangles you need the height and the width,(we then work it out as half a square!). measure in feet, yards or metres, and maybe not in a mixture of both?

We do deliveries Monday to Friday, and leadtimes are usually about 3 working days, sometimes less. We accept most cards, cheques and COD payments.

I have added this page as a customer kindly pointed out that we don't have a dedicated page for our main product!.Turf is covered in the company page as well, but in this busy life we need bullet points to cut to the product. It is amazing what a  fresh overview can turn up!

Please phone us on 01264 889 769  or email to b-west@talktalkbusiness.net  I try to read the email at least once each day but with the delivery and production schedule I cannot always respond at once.

It is a bit like FAX machines; everyone thinks that the recipient is stood waiting and will reply in a flash!

Please contact us as we would love to hear from you, or make a visit come and have a look.

Bill B-W and the team

PS your turf will be delivered by a local chap  with a sense of humour in a small lorry!

update feb 2015

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