Coal Fuel

We carry a selection of 13 different solid fuels, including supplies for Rayburns, Agas, Multifuel stoves and Beans and Grains for gravity fed Boilers.

Familiar brands and names held in stock include the following:

Phurnacite, Homefire, Brazier, Homefire Ovals, Taybrite, Wildfire, Stoveheat and Large and Small Anthracite Nuts, Beans and Grains. We offer two sizes of Coal, (Doubles and Trebles).

All are available for collection in bags or delivery at KEEN COMPETITIVE PRICES. When comparing prices please compare price AND weight. We pride ourselves that our 25KG bags are the right value proposition for our clients, unlike 10KG bags available else where. We can also deliver straight to your coal store so there is no need to handle the larger bag if you prefer.

Example fuels:


- 25kg smokeless BRAZIER


We will soon have our price list here, for now do call for a quote.