Screened Soil


£45 per tonne (Ex VAT and Delivery)

Ideal under turf and for general application this soil is screened to remove debris and has a high sand content for drainage

Screened Soil with Compost


£45 per tonne (Ex VAT and Delivery)

As a result of its compost mix, this soil is ideal for planting beds or improving existing soil

Un Screened


£20 per tonne (Ex VAT and Delivery)

This soil is as dug from the earth and is not screened, ideal for making up levels or filling in old features such as ponds.


Please note, prices exclude delivery and VAT. All of our soil range is available loose from the yard or tipped from one of our delivery vehicles. We do not currently supply bagged soils. 

Do call the office for more details, we can help you calculate how much soil you need and the price for delivery.

Soil is delivered by a tipping lorry to site so please advise of any access challenges as you order.

As a guide, 1 tonne of soil will cover 30sqm to a depth of one inch. Remember soil will settle and compact, our friendly team can advise you on this along with information about the type and quantity needed.